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Meet Ladybug, the heart of our Scrapbook Retreats and Crafty Classes

Ladybug represents the power of storytelling and capturing your unique journey through scrapbooking. Join us and enjoy creating lasting memories, one page at a time!

Meet Planner Bee, the queen of staying organized without sacrificing personal style!

Planner Bee is all about the blend of professionalism and creativity! Whether you are a digital or traditional planner, let Planner Bee help you create beautifully designed planners that help keep everything in order while reflecting your unique flair. Stay on top of your busy life and look fabulous doing it!

Meet Cricket, your go-to for die cuts and page kits!

This critter is all about her alter ego, the Cricut! Here you will find premade diecuts and scrapbook page kits. Her bestie, Ladybug, flies in and out with Cricut classes and will be adding Silhouette to the list soon! Explore our collection and let Cricket help you enhance your scrapbooking projects with ease and creativity. Transform your pages into masterpieces with Cricket’s unique designs and make every scrapbook a work of art!

Meet Dragonfly, your travel bug and adventure guide!

Dragonfly is all about bringing joy and efficiency to your travel plans. She takes you on exciting journeys, whether you’re planning a family vacation or a solo adventure. With tips on everything from packing smart to discovering hidden gems, Dragonfly ensures your travels are smooth, enjoyable, and full of unforgettable experiences.

Meet Snail, your guide to home decor and kitchen creativity!

Snail is all about creating a beautiful and organized home. After all, she carries her home with her everywhere she goes! She will help you be more efficient in the kitchen, save money with easy meal planning and save time by meal prepping. Recipes range from southern comfort to today’s healthy trends, but will always be delicious!

Meet Butterfly, your guide through all the details of hosting event and parties!

Butterfly is all about hosting the best parties to make lasting memories. With our social Butterfly’s expert tips and tricks, you’ll master the art of creating unforgettable events and parties. From invites and venues to arranging decorating and choosing party favors, Butterfly ensures every gathering you host is a resounding success. Get ready to charm your guests and become the perfect host with Butterfly’s guidance!